Systems Software Research Group


SSRG Word Cloud Welcome to the homepage of the Systems Software Research Group in the Bradley Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Virginia Tech. The group's general research areas include operating systems, concurrency, distributed systems, real-time systems, virtualization, run-times, compilers, and middleware. A cross-cutting goal is to understand how to build software systems -- broadly defined -- that is high-performant, scalable, reliable, and secure. Ongoing projects include operating systems, hypervisors, and compilers/run-times for multicore and heterogeneous architectures; scalable and secure concurrency control and consensus algorithms; and scalable verification of systems software.


Congratulations graduates!

Our MS students Daniel Chiba and Mohit Garg have defended their MS theses. Congratulations Daniel, Mohit!

We are recruiting!

See our recruitment advertisements for various research positions here.

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