Systems Software Research Group


SSRG Word Cloud Welcome to the homepage of the Systems Software Research Group in the Bradley Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Virginia Tech. The group's general research areas include operating systems, concurrency, distributed systems, real-time systems, virtualization, run-times, compilers, and middleware. A cross-cutting goal is to understand how to build software systems -- broadly defined -- that are scalable, efficient, and reliable. Ongoing projects include transactional memory for multicores and distributed systems, scalable operating systems for multicores, automated concurrency refactoring, and real-time virtualization.


Mohamed successfully defends PhD thesis

Our PhD student, Mohamed Mohamedin, has successfully defended his PhD thesis. Mohamed joins Alexandria University, Egypt, as an Assistant Professor in August. Congratulations and best wishes Mohamed!

Our new postdocs: Giuliano Losa, Pierre Olivier, and Sandeep Hans

Giuliano Losa is joining SSRG as a Postdoctoral Research Associate in August. Giuliano's research focus is on distributed computing, with a particular emphasis on theory, system building, and formal modeling and analysis. Welcome Giuliano!

Pierre Olivier joins us as a Postdoc in September. Pierre's research focus is on operating systems (especially Linux!), storage and embedded storage, simulation, and performance evaluation. Welcome Pierre!

Sandeep Hans joins us as a Postdoc in September. Sandeep's research focus is on concurrency and synchronization, with a particular focus on transactional memory. Welcome Sandeep!

Selected Publications