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SSRG Word Cloud Welcome to the homepage of the Systems Software Research Group in the Bradley Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Virginia Tech. The group's general research areas include operating systems, concurrency, distributed systems, real-time systems, virtualization, run-times, compilers, and middleware. A cross-cutting goal is to understand how to build software systems -- broadly defined -- that are scalable, efficient, and reliable. Ongoing projects include operating systems, hypervisors, and compilers/run-times for heterogeneous architectures; scalable concurrency control techniques; scalabale verification of systems software; and automated concurrency refactoring.


Welcome to Prof. Changwoo Min!

A very warm welcome to Dr. Changwoo Min, who joins the ECE Department and the SSRG as an Assistant Professor.

Welcome to our new professors!

Dr. Peter Lammich and Dr. Ruslan Nikolaev have joined the SSRG as Research Assistant Professors. Welcome aboard professors!

Welcome to our new postdocs!

Dr. Mohamed Karaoui and Dr. Mohamed Mohamedin have joined the SSRG as postdocs. Welcome aboard folks!

Popcorn Linux is cover story of Future Force Magazine's July 2017 Issue

The Naval Science & Technology Future Force magazine's July 2017 issue features Popcorn Linux on the cover. Go Popcorn-ers!

Popcorn Linux student wins ACM SRC '17 Competition

Rob Lyerly, a Ph.D. student on the Popcorn Linux project, has won the ACM SRC 2017 competition, co-located with PLDI 2017. You can read his abstract here. Congratulations Rob!

Popcorn Linux featured as SYSTOR 2017 Highlight

The Popcorn Linux project's ASPLOS 2017 conference paper has been selected as a Highlight Paper at the ACM SYSTOR 2017 conference. Congratulations to the Popcorn folks!

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